The Hunger Games- Part Deux

15 Apr

Happy Sunday! I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend 🙂 Today I have my other two China Glaze Capitol Colors. I just finished The Hunger Games series and I loved it! I even liked the movie, which is a surprise for myself. I usually hate the movie versions of books and after what they did with Twilight, I was leery on how HG would be. I was really happy with who they casted for everyone, including Rue! (some people are so stupid..) And I didn’t really mind the things they left out (other than Madge). Now, the pictures!


Stone Cold

2 coats


This is a dark gray/blackish color with silver shimmer in it, and dries matte. This is a one coater, but I needed some corrections 😉 Next is Stone Cold again, but with a top coat.



I love this polish so much more with a top coat. The silver shimmer comes out so much more, and from a distance it looked like I had metal on them 😉

Lastly, Smoke and Ashes.

2 coats



Smoke and Ashes has a black base with tiny green flecks in it. I have heard of others having a “bad” batch of this, where the flecks don’t show up as much, but mine seems just fine! I think its a gorggg color, just not for spring/summer. It could also have easily been one coat, but again I needed some corrections.


Hope you enjoyed! Have you tried any of The Hunger Games polishes?


Thanks for reading!



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