Run The World (Girls)

8 May

Mornin everyone! 2 posts in 2 days?! I know, so unusual of me but I had done my Fiesta nails on Saturday and WordPress would only let me post them till yesterday. So I celebrated being done with finals by painting my nails 🙂 Today I have Deborah Lippmann’s Run The World (Girls) neon set. I was really excited about this collection because I loooove neons, but I was kinda disappointed. They are more like jelly neons…and I’m not a huge fan of jellies. : / I DO like that every nail gets a different color, I think that’s cute 🙂

The 5 colors that come in the set are:

I Kissed A Girl

It Girl

Hollaback Girl

Nasty Girl

Party Girl

I think my personal favorite is Party Girl, a salmon color. I think it would be really pretty for a jelly sandwich 🙂

These first pics are the matte finish, without top coat.



The next pics are with top coat.



What do you think? Isn’t a different color on each nail cute?!


Thanks for reading!





2 Responses to “Run The World (Girls)”

  1. Eileen May 8, 2012 at 11:13 am #

    omgosh i LOVE jellies! i wasn’t into this collection before, but i may have to look into this collection now. thanks for your swatches! 😀

    • Lacquer Land May 8, 2012 at 2:53 pm #

      Lol!! And I feel the complete opposite about it

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