Happy Halloween!

31 Oct

Happy Halloween polish lovers! This week for me is going to be crazyyyy! I have classes all week, a ton of my family are coming into town, and my only sibling is getting married on Friday! So excited! Now, onto polish. I have felt very uninspired in the nail art department, so today I have two polishes that are Halloween colors 🙂

First up is OPI Deutsch You Want Me Baby from their Germany Collection. If you are from Texas, then you will agree with me that this is UT burnt orange. I usually run away from anything burnt orange color because my older sister is a UT grad, so everything for a long time in our family was burnt orange (my sisters bridesmaids and myself only agreed to the wedding if we were guaranteed to not wear burnt orange dresses). 😉 HOWEVER, I freakin love this polish. It’s perfect for fall, and only needed 2 coats.





Next I have a polish from the very generous @Lacquerloon on Instagram. She makes some awesome frakens and holos, and was kind enough to send me a TON! I want to also say, SORRY for the horrible picture quality on these. I usually take my photos on my phone (I know, so profess 😉 ), but the second I picked it up to take some pics…it died. So I grabbed my iPad which usually takes great pictures, but not for close up of nails apparently. So I promise next time I will have some better pictures of Lacquerloons polishes, because they are seriously amazing.

This little guy doesn’t have a name, but it is a black jelly base with orange/copper-colored glitter (and I also think it has teeny tiny blue/green glitter). I did two coats of Lacquerloon’s polish over a black base.



What do you think?!


Hope y’all have a safe and fun Halloween!



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