Elixir Lacquer Blue Coat

19 Nov

Happy Monday! I am so excited for Thanksgiving! Last year I was in Europe having Chinese food for Thanksgiving, so this year I am happy to spend it with my whole family 🙂 Today I have another Elixir Lacquer polish that has become seriously one of my favorite polishes. Blue Coat was inspired by a beautiful blue Pit Bull from the Atlanta Bully Rescue, and I just so happen to have a blue pittie named Presley. Now, if you know me and my boyfriend personally then you know how much this dog means to us. Presley has a few issues, and because she is a blue Pit Bull, she has awful awful awful allergies which took us a couple years to get under control. She is also very spunky, so she gets into things a lot (her latest trip to the vet: abscess in her mouth). However, she is a true Pit Bull to heart in the fact that she LOVES people and attention. Her huge tongue, and strangely powerful wagging tail will always great you at the door. Ok ok ok I could blab all day about her, so here’s a pic and onto the polish!!




And here is 2 coats of Blue Coat 🙂





Blue Coat was amazing to work with- no issues what-so-ever. Be sure to check out Elixir Lacquer!!


Thanks for reading!




2 Responses to “Elixir Lacquer Blue Coat”

  1. Erin Elizabeth November 19, 2012 at 6:39 pm #

    I like the mani – but the pooch is too cute! I love her collar – pink.

    • Lacquer Land November 19, 2012 at 6:51 pm #

      Thanks girl! She is pretty cute huh? She’s a total ham 😉

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