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Fantasy Fire Part Deux

23 Oct

Happy Tuesday! It feels like it should be Thursday because of how much school work I’ve done in the past two days. Any who! Today I have two more polishes I received from my fav, Ivana. I have posted Max Factor Fantasy Fire before over Revlon Royal, this time I have FF over Essence Passion for Fashion-a almost Justin Bieber purple. I neeeed more Essence polishes in my life, the two I have tried have gone on like butter.



What do you think?! Every time I put on FF, I remember how much I freakin love this polish.


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Max Factor Fantasy Fire Part 1

9 Jun

Hello everyone! Hope yalls weekend is going good! Today I have a polish that I got in my swap a few weeks ago, and it was one I never thought I would get my hands on. Max Factor Fantasy Fire is a huge lemming for us in the nail polish world, and is a dupe for colors that are discontinued. In this post I paired it with Revlon Royal, because that’s how I’ve seen it most commonly worn. But Fantasy Fire actually has a purplish base, so that’s what I’ll try pairing it with next 🙂 Without further a-do…

Fantasy Fire over Revlon Royal



GORG RIGHT?! Omg I love this polish. I even kept it on for a whopping 5 days (I had no time to do any manicures this week because summer school takes over my life Monday-Friday)!!


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