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How To: Nail Stamping

2 Jun

Hello everyone! Happy weekend! Sorry for going a little MIA. 😦 I got the dates messed up on when I started back to school, and started a lot earlier than what I thought lol But today I have a special post 🙂 I get asked a lot by friends and followers how I do my nail stamping. Well your wish is my command! I have prepared some pictures (and I’ll explain a little) on how I personally nail stamp. Everyone stamps a little differently, you just have to practice and find out what works best for you. The main question I usually get is how do I get the image onto the stamper, so that’s what I’ll focus mainly on in here.

Step 1

Get all your supplies together! I always have something that I work on so I don’t get polish all over the table.

*If your plates are new, they usually come with a blue film covering- peel it off!!!! You won’t ever get the images on the stamper if you have that on there.

Step 2

Put a generous amount of polish at the very top of the image horizontally. I say put a generous amount just to make sure the polish spreads all across the image.

Step 3

*From this point on, you need to have speedy fingers!* Take the scraper, and smooth the polish over the entire image (pulling the polish towards you). You don’t have to press down super hard, but hard enough to get all the excess polish off the image. Once you have completed this step, the polish dries super fast so you need to move to step 4 pretty quickly.

Step 4

I then take the stamper and press onto the image. I press pretty firmly just to make sure the entire image transfers.

Step 5

Once the image is on the stamper, you have get it on your nails pretty quickly. I personally do not press the stamper directly on my nails, I ‘roll’ the stamper across my nail (but whatever works for you!).

Like I said, it all just takes some practice! I’m still learning and make ‘konadicures’ that I don’t like (I still have issues with stamps that need to be lined up perfectly or have straight vertical or horizontal lines). Just hang in there!!

Thanks for reading!